The Cosmo Collection

Call it contemporary life or timeless classic. Let Cosmo be in your home. Something for every taste. Flexibility, colour, style and made to measure. Then it’s yours. Let the craft inflect your choice. Take from the designs you see, making a kitchen for your home. The only decision is the decision of which Cosmo kitchen.

The Cosmo Collection: Choose Your Style and Colour

The entire Cosmo Collection is available in any of the following finishes. If you can’t see your preference, just ask! We will endeavour to accommodate any requirements.

  • Alabaster Alabaster
  • Avola Cream Avola Cream
  • Avola Flint Grey Avola Flint Grey
  • Burnt Oak Burnt Oak
  • Canadian Maple Canadian Maple
  • Dark Walnut Dark Walnut
  • High Gloss Snow Larch High Gloss Snow Larch
  • High Gloss Black High Gloss Black
  • High Gloss Cream High Gloss Cream
  • High Gloss White High Gloss White
  • Issa Oak Issa Oak
  • Ivory Ivory
  • Light Walnut Light Walnut
  • Matt Cashmere Matt Cashmere
  • Matt Dakkar Matt Dakkar
  • Matt Dove Grey Matt Dove Grey
  • Matt Mussle Matt Mussle
  • Matt Olive Matt Olive
  • Matt Stone Grey Matt Stone Grey
  • Moldau Acacia Moldau Acacia
  • Natural Oak Natural Oak
  • Porceleine White Porceleine White
  • Pippy Oak Pippy Oak
  • Oakgrain Cream Oakgrain Cream
  • Oakgrain Mussle Oakgrain Mussle
  • Odessa Oak Odessa Oak
  • Opengrain Dark Grey Opengrain Dark Grey
  • Opengrain White Opengrain White
  • San Remo Rustic San Remo Rustic
  • Satin White Satin White
  • Sonoma Natural Oak Sonoma Natural Oak
  • Steinberg Beech Steinberg Beech
  • Super White Ash Super White Ash
  • Swiss Pear Swiss Pear
  • Tiepolo Light Walnut Tiepolo Light Walnut
  • Vanilla Vanilla
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    Step One

    Choose your collection

    Pick the range that best suits your needs and taste, then choose the finer details...

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    Step Two

    Choose your style

    Pick the style of doors, worktops, colours and finishes...

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    Step Two

    Order your kitchen

    You've chosen your dream kitchen, now get in touch and we’ll place your order!